Unveiling the Tales of Kanjivaram Silk Sarees with Muhurth


India is a land of culture, preserved best in its tales that are alluring as itself; narratives that are woven with imagination, symbolism and with intention to confabulate their ideas to the next.

We at muhurth understand those parables and take pride in bringing a part of that culture to life through our weaves. A little deep dive into our history accounts holds accountn the contribution by our forefathers to the craft of weaving. Having migrated from Saurashtra to settle down in parts of South India, they came to be known as ‘Pattu Nool karar’, meaning ‘Silk Thread people. They were the silk traders and weavers who earned their bread through dedication to the craft. They carried along their skill and immaculate knowledge with them, protected it through eras and continue to do so; we at Muhurth, aim to carry it into the future.
Cultural narratives of our mother land and history of our bygones are our constant muse to create masterpieces, which is also reflected in our logo ‘Yali’, a bespoken symbol of protection.

Yali is a mythical creature, originated to bring/feel a sense of security. Yali or Vyala is an amalgamation of creatures such as lion, elephant and horse. It is an epitome for iconographical representation of fierce protection and is indicative of guarding the good at all costs.

Yali, found in numerous South Indian temples, combines the best of the three creatures such as strength, grace, passion, etc,. It is woven as a motif in sarees to ensure the safety of the owner. In an ambiguous world as ours, it is only apt to have a symbol so fierce to guard a heritage so fine.

Our handmade sarees are yours to keep and protect while they do the same for you.

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