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Finest & Authentic Kanjivarams from our exclusive vaults built over eras

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Luxury & Artisanal Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

MUHURTH glories the Fabric Feel, Purity, Authenticity & Virtuous Trade!

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Summer Renaissance

Fine Kanjivarams with Traditional Techniques crafted for the Modern Era

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Weaving Kanjivaram for Centuries

Enamored with this craft for generations, Our venture as Muhurth will continue to transcend Kanjivaram Weaves at it's top notch and will lasts through the times of trend for the generations to come.

From the hands of pattunoolkarar

From the hands of pattunoolkarar

Why buy from Muhurth?

Every craft has an ancient community that invented and breathed it to see it in today’s world. For Kanchipuram Silk Sarees, we are pleased to have been in the history for bringing this craft to what it is from all the way amidst various battles all our way from Sowrashtra Region to Vijayanagara Empire and then to Thanjavur Nayakkar Empire. This land & people have bestowed us with what we are today and we are truly grateful.


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