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About us

Enamoured with this craft for generations, our new venture as Muhurth will continue to trancend Kanjivaram Weaves at it’s top notch and will last through the times of trend for the generations to come. MUHURTH, is a daughter firm of K.K.E.Venkatachala Bhagavathar & Sons, established in 1940. This parent firm exclusively concentrates in manufacturing and uplifting the industry grades while Muhurth reaches hearts directly with the knowledge of a century. We have travelled along with a history to the birth of Kanjivaram and we take pride in keeping this art alive at its best as we have always kept. It is our constant endeavor to promote this art of Kanjivaram to patrons around the world. With lot of love towards our art, we barely could withhold ourselves from sharing our knowledge through social media platforms, print medias and blogs.

We have given utmost importance in keeping this art alive through times and ensured that Kanjivaram weaves stayed above par across any other. Thoroughly updated with technologies and reaining the families involved in crafting these sarees through inspiring and motivating them, we can vouch that we do not see an end in our love for these. Our community of Kanjivaram weavers have stayed with us like families sharing our moto like theirs and we have successfully been able to launch the next generation of weavers. We foresee immense upgradation in the art giving job opportunities to many more and deliver quality work with education becoming a part of our weaver’s lifestyle. We take pride when our weavers have a lifestyle with education as basic and their readiness to take up any difficult weave as they are fairly paid.

Muhurth is a contemporary, valued brand representing the finest craft of Kanjivaram Art from the tales of our artisans and aims in branding this luxury garment in the fashion platform. It has been brought forth by one of the country’s best known families renowned for preserving the traditions of Kanjivaram Textiles for many generations and is led by Mr. Prasad Dayalan, Director, mentored by Mr. Dayalan Venkatachala Bhagavathar, Founder of Dayal Silk Traditions and managed by Mrs. Sindhuja Prasad, Founder & CEO of Muhurth.

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