Korvai Kanjivaram: An Irresistible Weave That Finds Its Way To Your Wardrobe

" Dive deep into the world of Kanjivaram silk sarees, explore tales of the handloom, rediscover the art of silk and more on Muhurth’s exclusive blog. "
Indian Women and Kanjivaram Sarees Kancheepuram is considered to be the silk capital of India, mainly because of the impeccable production and export of silk sarees and other silk products. Any apparel made from this woven cloth is suitable for different kinds of significant days, celebrations, and events. The conventional weave produces a dense, durable fabric that is infused with precious metals and used in bordering and patterns on the pallu or in the saree frame. In most parts of Southern India, the Kanjivaram saree is also a prominent bridal attire. The Show Stealer - Kanjivaram Silk ...

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