How Can You Identify an Authentic Pattu Saree?

" Dive deep into the world of Kanjivaram silk sarees, explore tales of the handloom, rediscover the art of silk and more on Muhurth’s exclusive blog. "
The term ‘pattu (பட்டு)’ means silk. These are the grandest form of sarees, known for their long golden borders, elegant designs, fabric texture, and craftsmanship. In Indian culture, pattu sarees are considered to be traditional and play an important role in the history of women’s clothing. Even though pattu sarees have been around for years, it is still a popular form of clothing among women in the 21st century despite the emergence of new fashions and trends. What makes the Kanjivaram pattu sarees unique and a cut above the rest is the fact that they are handwoven. The craft is kept comp...

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