Where You Can Get The Best Contemporary Kanchi Pattu In India

Where You Can Get The Best Contemporary Kanchi Pattu In India

Sarees are the most traditional women’s outfits in India. Any kind of marriage, function, or special event in India is incomplete without women draped in sarees. Even in your day-to-day life, it would be impossible for you to get through a day in India without seeing a woman wearing a saree. That is how the Indian folk have upheld their tradition down the years. Even after the emergence of all kinds of stylish and fashionable outfits, sarees still hold a top place in the minds of most of the women residing in India. Sarees are much more than being just a traditional outfit for women. For women in India, sarees are the symbol of femininity.

The saree draping tradition isn’t new in India, it goes back centuries ago. Sarees are considered to be the first seamless piece of garments for women. Since ages ago, women have been walking around in sarees in the country, and the fact that it is still among the most common outfit for women in India is something to be cherished. Amid the churidars, salwar, jeans, and tops, sarees are still a fashionable outfit and are a preferred choice for women even during special occasions.

What Makes Sarees Special?

Saree draping, apart from making a woman look elegant and beautiful, is a form of art. Women in India have numerous ways of draping a saree, each unique and attractive in its own way. Unlike any other type of outfit, a saree tends to bring in a certain kind of beauty in a woman. It makes a woman look alluring and enticing in a completely different way, which has ensured that sarees remain a favorite form of clothing among women in India. A lot of working women, including teachers, tend to wear sarees when they are off to work. So, not only is it an outfit for special occasions, sarees are a part of the day-to-day lives of women.

But, unlike the usual cotton sarees that women tend to wear on usual days, there are ‘pattu’ or silk sarees that women tend to save for special events or occasions alone. India is one of the leading silk-producing nations in India, thanks to the pattu sarees. These are some of the most elegant forms of clothing in the world that are used specifically for the grandest of occasions. Every time you walk into a marriage or other kinds of special events, you are surely bound to find a lot of women draped in silk sarees.

Where You Can Find Quality Silk Sarees In India

Kancheepuram is considered to be the silk capital of India, mainly because of the impeccable production and export of silk sarees and other silk products. Kancheepuram is the center of pure silk handlooms as silk in the city is mostly woven manually instead of the power looms to bring out the utmost quality. The originality and quality of the silk sarees produced in Kancheepuram have made it one of the country’s biggest silk producers.

What makes Kancheepuram silk sarees special is their grand golden borders, alluring and traditional designs, and dense fabric available in numerous colors. An original silk saree looks extremely grand and can make the woman draped in it look stunning. There are also numerous varieties in terms of types of silk, designs, and colors when it comes to Kancheepuram pattu sarees. They also produce new and different silk sarees according to the latest trends. There are a few places where you can find such contemporary Kanchi pattu sarees in India.

The Ideal Place To Get Contemporary Kanchi Pattu Sarees 

 The popularity and the demand for Kancheepuram pattu sarees have brought forth a lot of duplicated saree production. There are a lot of dealers in Tamil Nadu that sell Kanchi pattu sarees, but not all of them are genuine. You can find a lot of fake and replica pieces of silk sarees in the city. So, you must be wary of the silk sarees you buy to ensure that you are buying genuine pieces of pattu sarees. 

Muhurth is one of the few reliable places in Tamil Nadu that sells genuine contemporary Kanchi pattu sarees. We have been in this business for a very long time and produce the most elegant sarees in the country. We believe that sarees play an important role in Indian tradition, and we hope to carry that forward in the years to come. Our goal is to preserve the art of saree draping for the present and future generations.

Visit Muhurth To Get Quality Pattu Sarees In India

As a top business in the textile industry, we have always been keen on producing elegant and alluring pieces of silk sarees. Pattu sarees are the traditional heartbeat of Indian clothing, and we hope to be an important part of this traditional journey down the years. From different types of designs, colors, and textures, we produce all kinds of silk sarees.

You can get in touch with us by visiting our website www.muhurth.in. From celebratory to bridal, to contemporary pattu sarees, you will be able to find sarees for every occasion at Muhurth. You can check out our collection of pattu sarees on our website along with their prices. Visit our website to find some of the most beautiful pattu sarees you will ever see.

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