Designer Kanjivaram Sarees In Tamil Nadu

Designer Kanjivaram Sarees In Tamil Nadu

We all know the role that sarees play in upholding the feminine tradition in India. Sarees have always been the go-to clothing choice for women for centuries, and it still hasn’t changed to date. Even today, the sense of pride that a woman experiences while draping a traditional saree is something no other garment gives them. This makes sarees the most sought-after choice of garment among women in India.

Sarees aren’t just an outfit for special occasions in India. They are considered daily attire in the subcontinent. However, when it comes to special occasions, women tend to go with grand and special types of sarees. Usually, silk or any other luxurious fabric is preferred. But when it comes to the South Indians Kanjivaram sarees are considered second to none without a doubt.

What Makes Kanjivaram Sarees Special?

Kanjivaram sarees are the most luxurious garment in the nation, as it is made from Mulberry silk, and the zari is made from luxurious metals like gold. The technicality involved in crafting these sarees allows them to last for generations, making them great family heirlooms. People from all over India come and buy at least one Kanjivaram saree when they get the opportunity to visit. This is largely because the beauty and quality that these designer Kanjivaram sarees offer are unmatchable, which is why they are loved particularly. These sarees are popular in India during marriages, functions, and other special occasions. Even though they are premium, nothing is more cherished than the garment and the memories that come with it.

There are hubs in south India where Kanjivaram sarees are manufactured, one of them being Arani. The taluk is famous for its saree production and sales in bulk. The weavers here take a lot of time and put in enormous efforts to make the sarees of the utmost quality. The traditional methods and techniques have ensured that these sarees bring out the artistic presence of the weavers into reality, with the products being as appealing and original as possible. With a lot of globalization, this art has undergone the risk of losing the value it once had. It is up to the traditional communities like Muhurth to hold on to this art and keep it moving forward for generations to come.

What Is a Designer Kanjivaram Saree?

A designer saree is a saree that has a lot of thoughtfulness put into it. There’s a lot of research done in the design of a Kanjivaram saree, to make it aesthetically appealing - and the craftsmanship involved in weaving itself makes it special because it takes 20-25 days to complete a saree. The technique used in weaving Kanjivaram sarees is completely different from the usual sarees which takes 5-6 days to be completely woven. The Kanjivaram handwoven sarees contain a lot of work including intricate designs, embellishments, and luxurious materials. 

Women love to stand out from the crowd, amongst the ones who wear normal Kanjivaram sarees. This is where Muhurth’s designer Kanjivaram sarees come in with their elegant designs to provide a sense of uniqueness.

Designer Kanjivaram sarees are a result of a love for art and craftsmanship. when it comes to special occasions like marriages, receptions, parties, or glamour soirees, a woman longs to be the center of attraction. Designer Kanjivaram sarees from Muhurth bring in a new element of fashion to the usual sarees, making them trendy and stylish. Designer sarees are the point where the traditional and modern outfits meet for women. What makes designer sarees special is the work that is put into them. Unlike the usual sarees, a lot of work goes into making a designer Kanjivaram saree, because of the grandeur that this outfit offers.

Making Your Designer Saree Outlook More Beautiful

As mentioned already, designer Kanjivaram sarees are the point where tradition and fashion meet. The immense work that goes into these sarees makes them exclusive. Luxurious materials, the rich zari, raveling designs, and the technique itself form the elements that come together to make your saree look elegant and aesthetic. The uniqueness in these Kanjivaram sarees lies in the inspiration the designer picks from and the kind of technicality he uses to bring out the most beautiful designer garment.

A designer Kanjivaram saree is a complete package, and the ensemble will turn out to be a lot classier when paired with the right accessories and ornaments that go well with the saree. Styling a Kanjivaram saree the right way with the right jewelry becomes very essential to bring out the look well, and stand out.

Every element of your style, based on the work that has gone into your saree, is essential, to give yourself a complete look that is satisfying in every aspect. Considering a stylebook while choosing a designer Kanjivaram will undoubtedly make up the attire of your dreams.

Where You Can Find Quality Designer Kanjivaram Sarees

The most critical aspect when it comes to a designer Kanjivaram saree is the quality and the aesthetics of the designs in the saree. At Muhurth, that’s something you don’t have to worry about, as we have a collection of beautiful and elegant designer sarees that come in various styles and kinds. Our love for art and tradition has pushed us into the textile business, and it is also the reason why our sarees are of brilliant quality. The love for the art that our family has had for five generations and counting, has given us the wisdom to maintain the quality of the weaves just the way it has to be.

Because we held to the authenticity of this craft, we lasted for multiple generations; and this should assure you of the quality that our sarees offer. We have a community of Kanjivaram weavers who are like a family to us. We believe that this craft that our ancestors have given us, has become a part of the tradition here, and we are committed to preserving them for future generations. Muhurth has upgraded not just the technology of Kanjivaram, but also its strength, and has ensured that every masterpiece of ours fulfills the uniqueness that one expects in a designer Kanjivaram. Visit our website and check out our collection to find alluring designer sarees.

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